Why do a Blog?

You don't know what a blog is? Are you stuck in the year 2003 or something? A blog, for those of you that don't subscribe to Newsweek, is simply an online journal with a fancy name. They became all the rage in the 2004 election and some have actually become highly trafficked web sites. Most are self-aggrandizing streams of whatever is on the mind of the blog's author. This one will not buck that trend :).

It will focus on my company,OyBaby, and the development of the sequel that we plan to produce over the summer of 2005. For those unfamiliar with OyBaby, it is a video and CD designed for Jewish babies and the grownups who love them. Check out our web site for more info on the product itself.

Since launching our original product in late 2003, many people have asked if we are coming out with a sequel. Well, bubbeleh, not only are we coming out with a sequel, but we're going to use this blog to give you a behind-the-scenes look at its development.

Why do such a thing? Well, I guess it ties back to that old saying "The Journey Is The Reward." I had great fun making the first OyBaby. I learned a ton about video editing, web development, manufacturing, and distribution. I expect to learn this time around as well. So, I decided to keep a journal about the process. For those interested in following along, I'm happy to share the experience with you.

I'd also like this to be a two-way conversation as well. Do you have OyBaby in your household? Are you a fan of Jewish music? Please use the comments functionality of the site to post your thoughts, or shoot me an email.