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One of the most popular Jewish blogs on the web these days is a site called "Jewlicious". It is a frequently updated blog that covers a wide range of Jewish topics with just the right amount of sass. A few weeks ago, I realized that they had posted a bit about OyBaby back in January. Here's part of what they said...

The other day I was at a friend’s house full of little children. He put on a DVD that completely captivated them and I thought was great. Oy Baby is a small company that has put out this video...

The creators of the DVD are a Jewish couple from the Pacific Northwest, Rob and Lisi Wolf, and I hope they’re making some money with this because they’ve done a terrific job. Seriously, go out and buy one for your nieces and nephews, or your own kids if you are so blessed...Nope, I have no financial connection to these people and had never heard of them until I saw their video while surrounded by little children. Their good work deserves praise and support.

Needless to say, it made my freakin' day.
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Driving to Work

Lately, I've been driving to work listening to mix CDs that contain both songs we'll be covering on OyBaby 2 and other songs I just happen to pluck out of my music library. It got me thinking...am I the first person to have ever burned a CD on which both Debbie Friedman and Tom Waits appear? Maybe I'll do a mashup of the two of them one day.

Make It Sound Like This

Speaking of inspirations, I burned a CD a few weeks ago for Stephanie with songs that I thought were good examples of the type of production I'd like to hear on OyBaby 2. As with the first one, I want Stephanie and her sisters' voices to be prominently out front and unadorned. The instruments should sound acoustic, organic, bright, and warm. A few songs I like that have these qualities:

  • Keb Mo - Just Like You
  • Roseanne Cash - Will You Remember Me?
  • Paul Simon - Homeless (the demo version on the newly released expanded version of Graceland, which is like buttah)
  • Marc Cohn - Just about anything he's recorded, but especially his version of Maoz Tzur on the Festival of Light CD
  • Lyle Lovett - The Road To Ensenada

Check 'em out. I think they're all available on iTunes.


Idea Generators

A few things I've been watching lately to get visual ideas for the next OyBaby
  • Bear In The Big Blue House - a fantastic show on the Disney Channel with characters by Jim Henson's company. Great music and motion.
  • Hi 5 - A live action show on Discovery Kids by the same production team that brought us The Wiggles
  • VH1 Classic - The golden age of music videos
  • Here Come The ABCs - A new children's DVD by quirk-pop duo They Might Be Giants. It's a bunch of music videos about letters. In one of my favorite scenes, Q & U pal around town together.
  • KidSongs - Music videos for kids that were (like, totally) made in the 80's. Even though it looks dated to me, my kids love it. Gives me hope that when my kids are in college, people will still be buying OyBaby.

What videos are your kids watching these days? Use the comments field and let me know!


Behind the scenes

Video editing is a lot like golf--time consuming and expensive. Wait, that's not what I meant to say. Video editing is like golf in that someone can teach you to play golf in a day, but you can spend a lifetime mastering it.

Here at OyBaby World Headquarters, I've been training myself in some new video editing software that I will be using in the creation of OyBaby 2 (Adobe After Effects 6.5 Pro, for those of you that care). I'm working my way through a set of 15 DVDs that contain 47 hours of training. Sadly, this is my idea of fun.


Of all of the songs in OyBaby, the one parents most often single out as their kids' favorite is Dayenu. It's fun to think of all of the kids at seder tables around the country knew that song this year from watching our video!

At our seders this weekend, we pulled out the puppets used in the video and did a "reunion concert" of sorts.

Many people have asked: You can order those puppets from www.sillypuppets.com.

Song List Taking Shape

Here's a list of likely candidates for songs on OyBaby 2, poorly transliterated. There will be 2 or 3 more. Let us know what you think!

Modeh Ani
Tzena Tzena
L'cha Dodi
Shalom Rav
Kobi's Lullaby ( a fantastic song by Rick Recht)
Hanukkah Blessings (yes, that one, BNL fans!)
Mi Chamocha
Af Peh Ozen
Mah Nishtana


It's my Blog, and I'll Kvell if I Want To

Lisi and David, Pacific Beach, CA - 4/17/05

Why Do a Sequel?

It's late at night. I'm exhausted. There are orders to be wrapped and shipped. I have bills to pay and a day job to get to in a few hours. Then an email like this pops into my inbox...
"I purchased OyBaby from a Judaica store in Delray Beach, FL. I love it, my 3 year old loves it, and my 1-year-old actually stops running around to watch and listen. Are you coming out with another one? Please say you will soon."
J.K., Alexandria Virginia

J.K., it's people like you that make it all worthwhile. Thank You.

Tell Your TiVo: VH1's Heavy Metal Passover

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Scott Ian of Anthrax, two nice Jewish boys that grew up to be heavy metal rockers, lead a Passover Seder on VH1 Classic. I'm disappointed to see that Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth aren't on the guest list. Perhaps they're going to be searching for the Afikomen at Ozzy's house. Here are all the details.

Seth Godin rocks my world

If you're in marketing, you owe it to yourself to check out Seth Godin's blog. This author and pioneer of internet marketing always has great tips, factoids, and other morsels of brain food to get you going.

OyBaby: The Next Generation - Sadie

In addition to catching up with all your old pals from the original OyBaby, I'll also preview some of the new kids on the scene for OyBaby 2! Watch out for this one. She loves the camera.

Get ready for the debut of Sadie in OyBaby 2!

Marketing: Why didn't I think of this?

I wear many hats for OyBaby: Video Editor, Customer Service Rep, Webmaster, and Marketing Guy. As such, I'll often post items to this blog that have sparked some inspiration towards those pursuits.

From the world of Marketing, I loved this idea for promoting a book. Eliezer Sobel wrote a book called Minyan: Ten Jewish Men in a World That is Heartbroken. I have no idea if it's a good book or not, but I want to buy it. Why? Because this guy had the chutzpah to send members of the Jewish press a postcard that states:

"Dear Mr. Big Shot Editor ... What, it would kill you to review my son's book? Such a writer he is, I can't begin to tell you. It won a fancy literary prize no less. You want a copy, drop him an e-mail already, I'm not getting any younger. What would it hurt to give a mother a little nachas? ... Sincerely, Mrs. Sobel."
It got him some ink, didn't it? You go, Eliezer!

Oh Great, Now I have to Write Something

My friend, brainstorming partner, and fellow ENFP Rachel Rutherford "outed" my blog today by posting a link to it on her blog. I was just playing around with some posts, and didn't intend to launch it quite yet.

Great. Now I have to actually write something. I feel like the company's arrived, and dinner isn't ready yet.

Now that you're here, I'll let you know that the song list for the sequel is taking shape. We started with a list of 30 or so, and have whittled it down to about 17-18. Ultimately, we'll record 15 songs, so there's some heated debate about the songs that are currently on the bubble. We go into the recording studio at the end of June.

Click here for Rachel's post about the blog. While you're there, read the rest of her blog. It's a glimpse into a fascinating mind.

To paraphrase Donnie and Marie, Rachel's "a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll." In her case, the country is the cold hard world of technical Program Management, and the rock and roll is the ephemeral world of theater.