Idea Generators

A few things I've been watching lately to get visual ideas for the next OyBaby
  • Bear In The Big Blue House - a fantastic show on the Disney Channel with characters by Jim Henson's company. Great music and motion.
  • Hi 5 - A live action show on Discovery Kids by the same production team that brought us The Wiggles
  • VH1 Classic - The golden age of music videos
  • Here Come The ABCs - A new children's DVD by quirk-pop duo They Might Be Giants. It's a bunch of music videos about letters. In one of my favorite scenes, Q & U pal around town together.
  • KidSongs - Music videos for kids that were (like, totally) made in the 80's. Even though it looks dated to me, my kids love it. Gives me hope that when my kids are in college, people will still be buying OyBaby.

What videos are your kids watching these days? Use the comments field and let me know!