Make It Sound Like This

Speaking of inspirations, I burned a CD a few weeks ago for Stephanie with songs that I thought were good examples of the type of production I'd like to hear on OyBaby 2. As with the first one, I want Stephanie and her sisters' voices to be prominently out front and unadorned. The instruments should sound acoustic, organic, bright, and warm. A few songs I like that have these qualities:

  • Keb Mo - Just Like You
  • Roseanne Cash - Will You Remember Me?
  • Paul Simon - Homeless (the demo version on the newly released expanded version of Graceland, which is like buttah)
  • Marc Cohn - Just about anything he's recorded, but especially his version of Maoz Tzur on the Festival of Light CD
  • Lyle Lovett - The Road To Ensenada

Check 'em out. I think they're all available on iTunes.


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