Oh Great, Now I have to Write Something

My friend, brainstorming partner, and fellow ENFP Rachel Rutherford "outed" my blog today by posting a link to it on her blog. I was just playing around with some posts, and didn't intend to launch it quite yet.

Great. Now I have to actually write something. I feel like the company's arrived, and dinner isn't ready yet.

Now that you're here, I'll let you know that the song list for the sequel is taking shape. We started with a list of 30 or so, and have whittled it down to about 17-18. Ultimately, we'll record 15 songs, so there's some heated debate about the songs that are currently on the bubble. We go into the recording studio at the end of June.

Click here for Rachel's post about the blog. While you're there, read the rest of her blog. It's a glimpse into a fascinating mind.

To paraphrase Donnie and Marie, Rachel's "a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll." In her case, the country is the cold hard world of technical Program Management, and the rock and roll is the ephemeral world of theater.