4 weeks 'til we head to the studio

In four weeks, we'll be back at the deliciously named Kung Fu Bakery recording studio to lay down the tracks for OyBaby 2. History will remember this studio for giving birth of the OyBaby sound, much like Sun Records is indellibly linked to Elvis Presley. Lesser known acts Pink Martini and Everclear have also recorded there.

The song list has been finalized. Here it is with a few additions and deletions from the previous list I posted:
  • Modeh Ani
  • Shehecheyanu
  • Hanukkah Blessings
  • L'Cha Dodi
  • Mah Nishtanah
  • Mi Chamocha
  • Kobi's Lullaby
  • Af Peh Ozen
  • Shalom Rav
  • Ten Li
  • Tumbailalaika
  • Hiney
  • Tzena Tzena
  • Hallelujah

Sorry, mom. Ba Shanah is out.