Hello Cleveland!

Heading off to Cleveland tomorrow with the kids. I'm coming up on 10 years in Seattle, but Cleveland will always be my "home town."

Cleveland's got a great Jewish community--big (about 70,000) and totally concentrated into about 5 suburbs. It's a total shtetl--like Anatevka, but instead of Cossacks, it has a Costco.

Every Jew I've ever met in this country seems to have a cousin in Shaker Heights.

People that have been to Cleveland know that I am looking forward to eating at Corky and Lenny's. I'm sure that when I walk in there, I'll run into someone from my high school, Jewish summer camp, or BBYO (possibly embodied in the same person).

For all the burning river jokes (thanks, Randy Newman) and images of rusty smokestacks, anyone who grew up there loves to talk about what a great town it is.