Why Do a Blog, Part 2

Outside of the tech world, blogs are still a pretty new "new thing." BusinessWeek just did a cover story on blogs and how they'll change the face of business. But as one blogger put it, "BusinessWeek is famous for jumping on the bandwagon just before it goes over the cliff." I too think the blogging phenomenon is overhyped in some circles. However, it's underhyped in others.

Most people in my informal sample of non-work friends had never heard of a blog. Makes me think back to the time when I'd ask someone for their email address and get a blank stare.

Did you know, for example, that there are 493 blogs listed in the Jewish Blog Ring ? There are blogs from all points along the Judaic spectrum. Some are worthless. Others connect us with prolific writers that share our passions, hope, and faith. I encourage you to check 'em out, starting with some of the ones I have listed to the right (Jewschool can be a bit risque). A nice thing about blog etiquette is that it's common practice for a blogger to link to other blogs and sites that he or she likes. Start with one and follow that bread crumb trail.

From a business perspective, blogs represent a refreshing new type of transparency. Whether it's my humble little baby video company or the slightly larger company I work for by day, blogs allow businesses to speak in a more human voice. More importantly, blogs invite customers to talk back--to make it a two way conversation that brings the business closer to its customers.

Some of the great brands on the web--Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft, and others--let there employees blog publicly about the goings on at their company. Sure, there are limits, like don't post any trade secrets, but generally, the employees are given a pretty wide latitude. It displays both trust in the employee and respect for the customer to communicate so openly.

Does your company let you blog about it? Discuss.