A Great Deal

Many of you have heard of Craig Taubman--a giant on the Jewish music scene for the past twenty years. Craig and his production company (the aptly titled "Craig and Company") have selected OyBaby as their product of the month. Along with this selection, they're offering an outstanding deal on their web site. Get BOTH the DVD and CD for just $25. That's like buying the DVD and getting the CD for FREE!

So, if you have any baby gifts to buy, or want to recommend OyBaby to a friend, now's a great time to do it! This limited time offer is available at www.craignco.com

Of course, our website is always open for business as well - www.oybaby.com

Ok, enough with the commercials, back to the typical blog fare...


Marnieve said...

We cannot wait for the second OyBaby! Our son loves the first one and I'm sure will enjoy the sequel!
Keep up the good work!
Yasher Koach!