We're two days into recording, and all seems to be going well down in the studio. We recorded all of the instrument tracks first, and the vocalists will sing on top of them for the rest of this week.

Tomorrow morning, Lisi, our friend Sheryl (whose hand you see lighting the menorah in Maoz Tzur) and I head down Interstate 5 from Seattle to Portland to watch and document some of the recording session. In OyBaby 2, you'll actually get to see our fabulous musicians in action as part of the visual treatment of some of the songs. I also plan to include a short "making of" vignette on the DVD.

Tomorrow night, we have our children's chorus coming into the studio to lay down their tracks. Doug Blauer, the male voice on Cheri Bim Bum, will be returning with his inimitable ruach to lead the kids on a hep cat arrangement of Hiney Ma Tov.

I'm excited to get there, but even more excited to get a CD with some rough mixes of the songs for the drive back. I'll post some samples soon, so keep checking this blog!


Rachel Rutherford said...

And? And? You can't leave us hanging with, "We're driving down to the studio tomorrow," and then no writeup. C'mon, give us a taste.

OyBaby LLC said...

I know...I started a post last night, but it didn't have the right vibe. I'll try again tonight.