...Or So I Thought

Where oh where did the week go?!

The plan was to take the week off of work, do some filming, some editing, some blogging, and get all caught up on the business end of things. It seems like I blinked and the week was over.

I now see why Coppola almost went insane while filming Apocalypse Now. Just kidding--it was great fun. I didn't get nearly as much of the filming accomplished as I thought I would, but hey, that's show business for you.

The week got off to a rather rocky start. It was a nice splash of cold water to tell me, "hey Rob, this isn't going to be easy." By the end of the week, the shots looked better and I had regained the confidence that I felt eroding earlier in the week. Each day's footage seemed to improve in quality.

The video I'm creating is in many ways more ambitious than the first, with more variety in filming locations, and a more narrative thread to each video.

I'm encouraged by all of the great feedback I've received on OyBaby, but also take it as a challenge to surpass your expectations again with the sequel. This week marked another milestone on that quest. Thanks for your interest and support along the way.