OyBaby in Reform Judaism Magazine

In the Summer, 2005 issue of Reform Judaism, Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer writes:
"Searching for the perfect au currant new baby gift? Today, you need look no further than your local Sisterhood Judaica shop to pick up a copy of Judaism’s answer to the “Baby Einstein” trend. “Oy Baby!,” a video of Jewish imagery and music created for babies six months and up, is one of the fastest selling items in the gift shop of Temple Beth Israel in Fresno, California, says buyer Arlana Stewart."

Attention Disney Corporation lawyers: They said it, not me!


Meryl K. Evans said...

Y'all are in the January 2006 issue of Hadassah Magazine. Page 23. Very cool you have a blog. Does the DVD come with English subtitles or captions?

Happy Hanukkah!