There will be lots of posting this week...

I'm taking a week of vacation from my day job to film a big chunk of OyBaby 2. I've got a big week planned, and Lisi and I have lots of babysitters lined up so we can keep things moving. As cute as they are, our kids can't be in every scene.

We have about 50 kids lined up (amazingly, 31 girls and only 19 boys). We start Monday morning with a scene at a park. Tuesday night, we're doing a mock Shabbat dinner. We've got Puppets on Wednesday and "Seder" Thursday. Throughout the week, we'll be filming at some people's houses, and the elaborate OyBaby production facility our garage.

Check this site often this week. I'll post some "stills" from the set, as well as some more music samples.

Oh, you want another music sample tonight? Ok...Shabbat Shalom. This one's a full-length version: L'Cha Dodi.


Rachel Rutherford said...

Send that CD! Post those pix! Ahhh, so good to feel this one emerging into the world.

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