Thoughts From The Studio

Well, the music's recorded. Now all we need to do is mix it, film the video, edit it, design the cover, redesign the website, send it to the manufacturer, and market it.

Watching the recording in Portland was a phenomenal experience. The Schneidermans were at the top of their game, as I knew they would be. Stephanie really took the production to the next level. The songs are more ambitious, the instrumentation is more elaborate, and the session musicians were just amazing. You are so going to be listening to this even when your kids are not around!

All I kept thinking was wow, wow, wow.

By the time we had gotten there, they had recorded Modeh Ani and Hallelujah. The engineer cued up what he apologetically called really, really rough mixes...and it still sounded like Abbey Road!

We were lucky enough to go down on the night the kids came in to lay down their tracks. First we had two girls doing Debbie Friedman's funky take on Mah Nishtanah (the 4 questions of Passover). Then we had some more kids in to do Af Peh Ozen, Kol B'Seder's Hebrew answer to Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.

And then it was time for a little ruach.

Doug Blauer, who is the voice behind OyBaby's Cheri Bim Bum led a group of about a dozen kids in a version of Hiney Matov that was equal parts Louis Prima, Cab Calloway, and the Ramones. You'll just have to hear it to know what I mean.

Thursday morning, the session musicians came back to lay down the instruments for Tzena Tzena. It was an all-star team that included famed pianist Michael Allen Harrison and drummer Mike Snyder.

Also that morning, the Schneids recorded the fabulous Hanukkah Blessings. This song was released last year by one of my favorite bands, Barenaked Ladies (a band comprised of 5 fully clothed men). The lead singer of BNL is Jewish, and this song was included in a holiday album they released last year. It's a pop song, but it also blends the actual Hanukkah blessings into its lyrics. I filmed the Schneidermans recording of this song, and plan to incorporate some of the footage into the video itself.

After that, I had to get back to Seattle and some work for my day job. When all was said and done, 14 new songs were recorded.

So, when do you get to hear all this gorgeousness?

Stephanie was on an East Coast concert swing this past week. She'll be back in the studio next week to work on the mixing with the sound engineer. Once the tracks are mixed, I'll get the files, and will be posting some snippets of them for you to enjoy.

I may string 'em out just a little bit. You know, to keep you coming back for more. Stay tuned...