Esther Kustanowitz is the reigning queen of the Jewish blog world. She digs OyBaby. Baby Mozart? Not so much.

In her fabulous blog, My Urban Kvetch, Esther writes:

Talk about a post that's way overdue...I started writing this months ago, when co-creator Rob Wolf sent me a review copy of the OyBaby CD and DVD, and then proceeded to become exceedingly busy...so apologies that it's taken this long.

Most of us who know people with babies (the must-have accessory this season), know that there is such an entity as Baby Mozart (Baby Picasso, Baby Warhol, whatever). And many of us may have even been forced to watch this video, which contains a series of images and sounds which are supposedly educational-slash-stimulating for babies. The images and words are unrelated; in one segment I remember, there is a stack of five or so out-of-order alphabet blocks that appear on screen when the alphabet song is sung, but there is no correlation between the particular letters on screen and the letters being vocalized. In my mind, this is a wasted educational opportunity. But what do I know? Oh yeah, it's also infuriatingly annoying. For me, watching Baby Mozart once was one time two many.

So my hopes for OyBaby were not particularly high. Imagine my relief and surprise when the contents of this DVD and CD set not only didn't annoy me, but actually intrigued me. The voices that sing the songs are not "frummie" voices, nor are they Israeli-accented (in a way that would create generations of American children with faux Israeli gutturals). They're sweet but not syrupy, and the images projected over the voices (actually)complement each other. The CD is great car listening; I gave my copy to my cousin for her son (born in November), and both of them really enjoy it. Songs include some classic melodies as well as more contemporary Hebrew tunes.

And that's just version 1. Now, OyBaby's announced that they're having a "new baby": version 2.0, coming this fall with 14 new songs. The OyBaby blog chronicles it all for your entertainment...

Anyone who reads this blog knows I became an aunt recently. As soon as I'd posted news of the birth, I got a package in the mail from Rob: another copy of the CD and DVD, for my new nephew. So, to sum up:

1) Rob's a mensch and a savvy marketer.

2) OyBaby is cool. And maybe they should call it OyBabyFishMouth, because it's sure to be sweeping the Jewish nation.

So visit the OyBaby blog, download some songs, look at some of their photos, and judge for yourself...and if you place an order tell Rob you heard about it from Esther, the Urban Kvetch.

I think the best part of the whole post is the Baby Fishmouth reference. My sister and I have been calling each other that for years. Don't get the reference? Click here.