I want YOUR kid in the video too!

In the credits sequence that ends the video, I plan to have a montage of children from across the world that have enjoyed OyBaby. It's my way of saying thank you for all of their support and encouragement along the way. The pictures will have captions that state the child's first name and home town. You can have the baby in your life included by simply sending a digital picture to info@oybaby.com. Be sure to include their first name and city + state or country.

You've heard the samples...now SEE some OyBaby 2 goodness!

As in the first OyBaby, one of our songs will feature the solo piano stylings of Tom Grant. I've tried to do justice the his musical beauty.

Watch a portion of L'Cha Dodi from OyBaby 2!

I encourage you to right-click (ctrl-click on a Mac) and save it to your desktop. You need Windows Media Player to watch the video. (You'll most likely have it on your computer already. If you don't, you can download it for free here)

Oregonian Article

As mentioned in the post below, we got some great ink in Portland's newspaper, The Oregonian. Here's an excerpt:
Rob and Lisi Wolf, parents of two, have one more kid-video challenge: how to instill in their children a love of Jewish symbols and melodies.

The couple from Mercer Island, Wash., turned to three singing sisters from Portland: Stephanie and Lisa Schneiderman and Kim Palumbis. Stephanie says she and Lisa are "full-time, involved aunts" to Kim's two children.

Stephanie produced the music. She, the Wolfs and others created a richly visual film that moves seamlessly from toddlers, entranced by the Sabbath table or colored balls, to photographs of a shofar and scrolls. From ocean waves breaking on a variety of beaches to splats of bright paint that illustrate the Hebrew names of colors. Bold black-and-white lines melt into actual silver candlesticks, crystal glasses, red wine and challah. Graphic stars pulse and fade from one brilliant color to another.

It's all set to beloved Jewish songs that recall fun summers at B'nai B'rith camp, rendered in beautiful harmonies that are easy on adult ears. Besides the jungle-infused version of "Zum Gali Gali," there's a jazzy "Eitz Chaim (Tree of Life)" and a rip-roaring children's chorus singing "Dayenu".

You can read the full article here.

What's Happnin'

Hey everyone...sorry it's been a while since I've posted to the blog. I have been Bizzz-y! Between the day job, family time, and keeping up with orders for our existing products, it's tough to get time to hunker down and focus on the sequel.

But then I realized that as long as I was willing to give up sleep, I'd have enough hours to fit it all in.

We had a great article written about us in Portland's newspaper, and expect one in a few weeks in the Seattle PI.

The sequel's coming along, slower than I expected, but I'm really pleased with what I've got so far.

Last time, I had 6 hours of footage to work with. This time? 27. I'm being alot more deliberate about what shots I want to get. The scenes will be more varied. I've filmed a few scenes twice, after getting back to the office and deciding that they didn't look quite right.

I feel myself getting better at videography as I log more hours behind the camera. It's hard to train yourself to see how the camera sees. Cameras accentuate shadows. They see colors differently under different kinds of light. Learning to trust the camera's viewfinder, and not "your lyin' eyes" is a real challenge.

With about 95% of the filming done, I've moved on to editing. I've got about 5 out of 15 songs done, and have been focusing on some of the more difficult ones first. I should be able to finish up editing in the next two weeks, get it off to the factory, and ready to order in the beginning of November.

Thanks for all of your continued support along the way.


Where Are They Now? Sophie

Sophie's looking forward to seeing you all in OyBaby 2. This time, she's bringing her sister along for the fun!