The Jewish Blessing of the Sun

In April, 1981, a schoolteacher at a Solomon Schecter school on Long Island did a time capsule with her students, to commemorate the Jewish blessing of the sun.

Apparently, there is such a blessing, and it's said when the sun is the exact position in the sky that it was in the story of Genesis. That happens every 28 years.

The time capsule is to be opened the next time the prayer is said--in a few weeks. That teacher called me tonight.

In addition to opening the time capsule, she wrote a book about a young male teacher doing the same with his students in 2009. They filled the time capsule with both secular and Jewish items. Among the Jewish items is an OyBaby DVD. I got mildly teary thinking about it--that my son would be in his mid thirties when the capsule in the book is set to be open.

Add this to the list of amazing, gratifying stories I hear from OyBaby fans from around the world.

Here's the website for the book: http://web.mac.com/sfwasserman

Of course, our conversation got this song stuck in my head for the rest of the night, too: